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HSK 1-4 Bundle

  • Beginner to intermediate levels with easy-to-follow HSK materials
  • Build a solid foundation for future level with strong focus on vocabulary and grammatical constructs
  • Be able to read/write and communicate daily Chinese

$159 USD /lifetime

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HSK 5-6 Bundle

  • Advanced level HSK courses helping you reach fluency
  • Translation and explanation of difficult HSK texts
  • Expand your expressiveness with authentic comprehensible input materials

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HSK Standard Course Textbooks

To take our online courses, you need to separately purchase the textbooks and corresponding workbooks for each level.
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HSK 3 $42 USD
HSK 4 $76 USD
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HSK 5 Expansion
6 comprehensible input courses
$9 USD/ea.
HSK 6 Expansion
8 comprehensible input courses
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Path To Fluency
learning strategy course
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New HSK 7-9 $29 USD
Word Builder: Ci Shifu $9 USD
Chinese Phonetics FREE
Learn Chinese with Poems FREE
Learn Chinese with Songs FREE
Topics in Chinese Linguistics FREE

* Expansion courses are included for free in the HSK 5/6 Course or HSK 5-6 Bundle!

What makes our courses different?


You learn a language so you can do things with it – to accomplish real-world tasks, or functions. From day 1, we focus on enabling students to “do something” with what they learn, and design our lessons around that objective. We try to steer around overuse of unnecessary jargons and lengthy explanations and focus on practical applications.


Learning is hard work, but it should never be boring, so we designed our courses to be concise yet fun and engaging.  We use instruction design principles proposed by Robert M. Gagné , as well as multimedia learning guidelines by Richard E. Mayer .  The instructional designs are so successful that we have received many raving reviews from our students.


All of our courses focus on communication and function .  We strive to help students use the language by providing plenty of practice, both written and oral.  We help and encourage students to practice with a language exchange partner via sites such as iTalki .  This way students learn to use the language in real life, not just to pass tests.


All of our courses use the standardized HSK curriculum .  When you complete a course, you will be able to pass the HSK test for that level so you can measure your progress and prove your ability.  Carefully designed lessons following a well established program delivers real, measurable results. All courses follow the HSK Standard Course textbook by Jiang Liping.

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