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Read experiences from students who've taken our courses and successfully passed HSK exams. 
 I used Chinese Zero To Hero course as a base of my study process, within 25 days I completed 18 lessons, spending approximately 7-9 hours a day, and also did some 真题 few days before the (HSK) exam. And the result was beyond my expectation, I got 65 points more compared to the first time in such a short period of time!

Dmitry V.

HSK 5 Score: 262/300
Official Test
I started studying Chinese 8 months ago and I am very pleased I could achieve such high scores with the help of Chinese Zero To Hero. It helped me achieve my goal of reaching advanced level Chinese in less than a year. These videos are extremely detailed to the point you don't even need the assistance from teachers which says a lot. HSK 5 here I come!!!


HSK 4 Score: 287/300
Official Test
Useful, well organized, clear, contemporaneous, motivational, enthusiastic content. The videos look like we are in a real classroom, but so much better! Chinese Zero to Hero has been helping me recover my enthusiasm about learning Mandarin.

Carla G.

HSK 3 Score: 296/300
Official Test
Chinese Zero to Hero really helped me feel comfortable with Chinese grammar and listening skills. The videos are succinct, yet thorough, and also very funny. They make learning the language a lot of fun. I’m working on HSK 3 now.

Jonathan T.

HSK 2 Score: 200/200
Official Test
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