How many videos do we offer?

Video Count by Course

Each video is about 5-20 minutes long.  
Course Number of Videos Total Time
HSK 1 74 6h 4m
HSK 2 75 5h 33m
HSK 3 192 10h 23m
HSK 4 258 16h 51m
HSK 5 183 25h 25m
HSK 6 100 7h 53m
Path To Fluency 46 3h 35m
Phonetics with Chinese Characteristics 14 1h 40m
Word Builder: Ci Shifu 100 10h 28m
Total 1042 84h 17m
*By purchasing the Ultimate Bundle, each video costs just about 20 cents.

Free Courses

Phonetics with Chinese Characteristics

We made an effort to be brief and straight to the point, covering only these problem areas. This course focusing on the essentials of Mandarin Chinese pronunciation and important phonetics. Geared towards beginners but suitable for all levels. Learn and fix common pronunciation mistakes.

Learn Chinese with Songs

After finishing this course, you'll have learned eight of the most popular Chinese songs from a variety of genres in the 21st century. We've included PDF study sheets that are painstakingly designed to make your learning as easy as possible.

Learn Chinese with Poems

Get familiar with the Chinese writing system by learning these short, famous poems from the Tang Dynasty. Each video will break down each poem and help you understand it well and learn it by heart. At the end of the course, you will have learned how to read 8 poems from the Tang dynasty.

Paid Courses

Ultimate Bundle: All Courses from HSK 1-6

HSK 1-4 Bundle: Beginner to Intermediate

HSK 5-6 Bundle: Advanced

Beginner Mandarin Chinese (HSK 1) Course

74 videos (15 weeks worth of study material) – get your Chinese off the ground and pass HSK Level 1!

Beginner Mandarin Chinese (HSK 2) Course

75 videos (15 weeks worth of study material) – continue to progress and pass HSK 2!

Intermediate Mandarin Chinese (HSK 3) Course

192 videos (20 weeks worth of study material) - master all essential vocabulary and grammar, and pass HSK 3!

Intermediate Mandarin Chinese (HSK 4) Course

258 videos (20 weeks worth of study material) - double your vocabulary and pass HSK 4.

Advanced Mandarin Chinese (HSK 5) Course + Path to Fluency

183 videos (36 weeks worth of study material) - expand your expressiveness with authentic text and pass HSK 5!

Advanced Mandarin Chinese (HSK 6) Course + Path to Fluency

100 videos (40 weeks worth of study material) - Develop near-native fluency and pass HSK 6!

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We provide engaging and comprehensive video courses for serious Chinese learners at all levels, from HSK 1 to HSK 6.


We believe that the purpose of learning a language is to be able to accomplish tasks, or functions.  Following a standardized curriculum (HSK) and a practice-centered approach (with language partners), our video courses bring real learning results that equip students in the real Chinese-speaking world.



Course hosting and transaction-handling are provided by Teachable.