To all students:

Hope you’re doing well! We have some announcements to make.

New Pricing:

We set most of our prices back in 2017 when we only had HSK 1-3 partially done. When we started offering the ultimate bundle, HSK 5 and 6 was not yet available. Since then, as promised, we have completed producing all of our HSK courses from level 1 through 6.

We want to continue to grow and offer the best learning content you’ve come to expect of us. In order to remain competitive while still retaining our quality, we’re adjusting our prices based on the amount of videos, hours and content we offer per level. Effective June 1st, 2019.

Here’s our new pricing structure:

We’re constantly improving and creating new content. Many of our students are happy with our free pronunciation course released back in March; and most recently, the HSK Grammar Reference Cheatsheet.


Path To Fluency Course:

We’re spending a lot of time and effort on a new learning strategy course – Path To Fluency. All student enrolling in HSK 5 or 6 will have free access to this course.

This course will help students at HSK 5 or 6 progress to actual fluency, beyond the HSK curriculum. It teaches strategies on how to discover topics of interest, and provides tips and resources on how to obtain authentic Chinese material. With this course, students will improve their Chinese to near-native fluency and, in the process, gain profound knowledge of a wide range of subject matter such as science, technology, history, politics, and art. This course is coming very soon and will be constantly updated with new videos and materials.


Course Structure:

We realized that instead of buying our courses in parts (A, B, C, D), most of our students purchase the complete level (bundle). To tidy up and make things less confusing for future students, we decided to only show our “course bundles” (now simply called “course”) on our courses page.

If you still would like to be enrolled part by part, you can find purchase links inside each HSK course page.


Value Added Tax (VAT):

VAT applies to any merchant selling a product or service (including digital products like an online course) to a customer based in Europe. So if you’re based in Europe, we are required to charge VAT. We decided from now on, it’s best to show VAT inclusive pricing to European users.

That’s all! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Thanks again for learning with us!