How Do I Enter The Hall Of Heroes?

Who qualifies?

  • You've taken one or more paid courses from us.
  • If you have passed an HSK test, having received a score of over 60% (120/200 for HSK 1-2, 180/300 for HSK 3+), you are qualified to enter.


Fill out the form below to enter!

If you are qualified to enter, email us with the following info:

  1. Which HSK level did you pass? (1-6)
  2. What was your total score? (HSK 1 and 2, max score is 200, HSK 3-6, max score is 300)
  3. Official test or self test?
  4. If official test, please attach scan/photo of your test result.
  5. Attach a avatar you'd like to use (optional)
  6. A blurb to put on our web site, including:
    • A little about yourself
    • Which Chinese Zero to Hero courses did you take? How did they help you pass the test?
    • Any plans for the future?

    Official TestSelf Test