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Course USD Course Bundle Ultimate Bundle
HSK 1A $17 $25 $179
HSK 1B $17
HSK 2A $17 $25
HSK 2B $17
HSK 3A $17 $25
HSK 3B $17
HSK 4A $17 $49
HSK 4B $17
HSK 4C $17
HSK 4D $17
HSK 5A $17 $49
HSK 5B $17
HSK 5C $17
HSK 5D $17
HSK 6A $17 $49
HSK 6B $17
HSK 6C $17
HSK 6D $17
Save $84 Save $127

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Intermediate Mandarin Chinese (HSK 3) Complete Course

20 modules, 193 videos, 47 grammar points, 40 guided practice activities with PDF worksheets. Covers all HSK 3 grammar and vocabulary.  Sign up today.

We provide engaging and comprehensive video courses for serious Chinese learners at all levels, from HSK 1 to HSK 6.


We believe that the purpose of learning a language is to be able to accomplish tasks, or functions.  Following a standardized curriculum (HSK) and a practice-centered approach (with language partners), our video courses bring real learning results that equip students in the real Chinese-speaking world.


Ken Dai, co-founder
Location: Vancouver Canada
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