HSK Chinese Grammar Points by Level


There are 2 systems to identify levels of Chinese Fluency, the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), and the HSK Chinese standardized test. Both have 6 levels, and they nicely correspond with one another.

At Chinese Zero to Hero, we have produced grammar guide videos for HSK 3. As for the other levels, we direct you to Chinese Grammar Wiki – a fairly established reference guide to all things related to Chinese grammar.

HSK 1 (CEFR Level A1) Grammar Points  (external)

HSK 2 (CEFR Level A2) Grammar Points  (external)

HSK 3 (CEFR Level B1) Grammar Points – Our Grammar Videos!

HSK 4 (CEFR Level B2) Grammar Points  (external)

HSK 5 (CEFR Level C1) Grammar Points  (external)

HSK 6 (CEFR Level C2) Grammar Points  (external)

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