Intermediate Mandarin Chinese (HSK3) Video Course
  • 20 lessons divided into 2 courses
  • Course A: Lessons 1-10
  • Course B: Lessons 11-20
  • 193 videos
  • 47 grammar points with quizzes
  • 40 vocabulary video with Quizlet flashcards sets
  • 20 additional review Quizlet flashcards sets covering all vocab in HSK1 and 2
  • 40 fun, pair work practice activities with demo and PDF worksheets
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Intermediate Mandarin Chinese (HSK3) Video Course

It's time to put an end to the dark ages of online Chinese-language education! This course will help you gain a high level of Chinese proficiency through structured courses based on the standard HSK3 curriculum.

This is serious education. We've got the whole package here:
  • Standardized curriculum
  • Fun dramatization of concepts
  • Video for vocabulary and grammar points
  • Demo for spoken activities
  • Recommended textbooks
  • Flashcards
  • Quizzes and dictations
  • Assignments and Projects
  • Well designed - structured lessons to help you learn, review and practice
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